Salaams – Please register to attend the upcoming Jummah prayers at ICIE. We will be measuring the results carefully and slowing removing these restrictions with guidance from our medical experts and local officials.

For the safety of yourself, your friends and your community, we ask that you respect these guidelines and do not deviate. Security will escort you out if there are any violations to these rules.

  • All attendees must submit to a temperature screening.
  • All attendees MUST bring their own prayer rug.
  • The Bathroom will be CLOSED, make Wudhu at home. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Open for Adults only (18 yrs to 64 yrs) at this first stage.
  • At this time, only Males can register to attend.

DO NOT REGISTER , you will be turned away if

  • You are 65 years or older, or you have a compromised immune system.
  • You have a cough, fever or other visible signs of sickness.
  • You are sick, have been sick recently or are exhibiting signs of sickness.
  • You have been near someone who has been sick recently.

While in attendance

  1. You must follow any instructions from the volunteers.
  2. You must wear a mask at all times (bring your own)
  3. You must stay 6 feet apart from others at all times.
  4. You must use your own prayer rug (bring your own)
  5. No hand shaking, hugging or other person to person contact.
  6. You can stay for Khutbah and prayer only. Must leave promptly after.
  7. The building is closed. No socializing before or after in the parking area.