Asalamu Alaikum Dear Community,

As we continue to strive through the beautiful 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, we will culminate them with the blessed day of Eid in a grand fashion insha Allah. Alhamduli Allah, ICIE will be collaborating with our neighboring Masjids including Dar Al Taqwa, the Islamic Center of Claremont, and Masjid Sabireen at the Ontario Convention Center. Special thanks to Eid United for hosting this event.

The prayers will be held at the Ontario Convention Center and the only cost will be the small fee of $8 for parking. The first prayer will begin at  8 AM with Qari Saheb Ashrafi as the khateeb and we will also have a second prayer with sheikh Jameel Besada at 9 AM.

We ask you all to join us on this blessed day insha Allah and we ask that you keep us all in your dua in these blessed days that we are in. Jazakum Allah Kheiran!