ICIE Election 2017 Nominees


Daim kamal Meyer

Since I have worked with the founders of this masjid as a volunteer and an active member for many years.

My motivation came from Br Shaheed Razzak, Br Dr. Patail and Br. Zafar Maqbool, these are all working people like anybody else, but they are always there to help and give time to the masjid.

Being an active member for a long time I feel I am ready again to serve the community as a member of the board.

I request all the members to vote for me on the election day to become a board member to serve the community.

The issue of our community is unity, we are not united as we should be, we must forgive and forget for a good cause of serving and helping the community.


Husam Suleiman

Many roles faced in life are due to the fact that Allah (swt) places an opportunity in front of some at a certain time.  We are put at the proverbial fork in the road with 2 options; to do so or not to do.  Allah (swt) tells us in the Quran that He will elevate the degree of individuals who struggle and strive versus those who (literally) remain seated.  So we may have an opportunity to help someone with money, despite our love for money, and we do so because of Allah’s promise.  Yet others may bear patiently when faced with an illness, similarly due to Allah’s promise.  Lastly, we may or may not be prepared to be on a board, but we do so because of Allah’s promise.  And Allah tells us in Surah Ali Imran, ‘Indeed Allah never fails to fulfill his promise.’

The elephant in the MPR is that civic responsibility is not analogous with a vote.  So please don’t think that your involvement begins or ends with a vote, or that only members can assist, or only one ethnicity can do so…
Involvement in the masjid is more important than a vote.  Vote for whomsoever you like or don’t vote.  Either way…
But understand that accompanied with provisions is a test.  So I ask, ‘what are you doing with the provision (mosque) that was provided?’

Personally, I use google keep to manage my time.  It’s quite fantastic, and I recommend it for everyone.  Or better yet, read the book Getting Things Done.  It’s an older book, but the lesson derived will be life changing!

There’s an old saying…. Structures may change, but mindsets take longer.  Our biggest challenge will be overcoming the cloud of apathy and disinterest in the mosque.  It will definitely be an uphill climb.  So long as people are willing to make change, insha Allah it will come.


Nadir Khan

Being an activist, I always liked to make situations and environment better than they are.  For years I have very carefully noticed the situation going on in our Center and have come up with some ideas which in my opinion, if
implemented correctly, would be better for this Center.  I am eager to listen to other people’s ideas and will not have any hesitation in supporting them.  In my opinion this is how collaborative work is done.  In a nutshell we all like to
see our Community Center a better place.

I served for three years on the Board of Directors of the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) in Los Angeles where I had the honor and privilege of working with Dr. Maher Hathout, who was one of the founders of the Islamic Movement in this country. He became a friend, a mentor, and a teacher to me. When ICSC started a full time school, New Horizon, I was, for more than a year involved with the project. New Horizon has three different campuses now. When 600 burial plots were purchased at Rosehill Cemetery in Whittier, I was part of the project for disposing those plots. Incidentally, that’s where my final resting place is located.
Then in 1992, some of us got together and started M.E.C.C.A in warehouse on 9th street in Ontario. We were there for six years and had Friday prayers and Sunday school. My wife and I worked for six years. Then finally we were fortunate enough to buy the present location and it became ICIE.

Since I am retired now, time management is not a serious issue.

Talking about challenges is, for me personally, the most significant issue tonight. My list is a little long, and tonight we just don’t have the time for it. So, I am going to highlight some of these challenges. This is my perspective and may be others may have their own.

A. The most serious challenge we face is TRANSPARENCY. Its complete absence is known to everyone. Secrecy breeds distrust and destroys the fabric from inside. Its absence gives rise to rumors and creates a very unhealthy atmosphere where it almost becomes impossible to have a dialogue. Openness on the other hand is refreshing and brings some new ideas and perspectives.

B We need to become more INCLUSIVE, rather than EXCLUSIVE. We need to make diversity our strength and use it to our advantage. We will learn from each other and become wiser and more productive

C. We need to learn to abide by rules and bylaws. If we want changes, we need to inform people and have an open dialogue and discourse. We cannot and should not change the rules of the game after the game has started. every change need to be approved by the general membership. If elected, it will be one of my priorities to completely review the bylaws and bring it to the attention of the membership. As it is said about America that it is a country of laws and not men, that should be our motto too.


Nivein Bahairy

My name is Nivein Behairy and I have been a part of the ICIE community since my husband and I moved to Rancho Cucamonga in 1994. At the time the Muslim community was much smaller and we did not have a masjid to call our own. I remember how Jummah prayer would take place at a warehouse, before eventually moving to a small room at the Lion’s Center, and finally to the small house that is a part of the current masjid property. My husband and I worked in our small way along with other community members to establish a proper mosque in Rancho Cucamonga.
It has been many years now and mashaa Allah our community is testament to the rapid growth of the Inland Empire. Today, the diversity of the ICIE community reflects the diversity of the Inland Empire and as a result the Islamic Center of the Inland Empire is obligated to live up to its name and provide the services and programs needed to fulfill the needs and demands of is multi-cultural congregation.
I was compelled to run for the Board of Directors of ICIE because I believe that new blood is important to move the Islamic Center of the Inland Empire forward. The goal of the new board should be to come together and create new and dynamic programs that will recognize and serve the changing demographics of the community and grow ICIE into a thriving regional Islamic Center Inshaa Allah.

I feel I am qualified as a Board member. My background in marketing and management has prepared me well for the role. My career history has given me strong leadership skills as well as experience as a team member. In addition, I also have volunteer experience with other Muslim organizations.

I believe I am worthy of ICIE member votes because I come from a place of sincerity. ICIE has been given to our community as a gift and blessing by Allah. As such each and every member of the community should feel the responsibility of guardianship so that we may pass on a thriving spiritual Center to our children and generations to come. My goal is to use the experience and education I have to help our community achieve this goal. May Allah accept our intentions and deeds Inshaa Allah.

Balancing personal and professional lives has been something I have done my entire adult life. I was able to manage work while earning an MBA. Later as the mother of four young children I was able to balance home and children with the pressures of pursuing a doctorate degree. By the grace of Allah, this additional responsibility should pose no pressure to my personal life Inshaa Allah.

I believe the biggest challenge our community faces are the ability to accommodate the amazing growth in the diversity of the congregation. In addition, I believe that ICIE has recently become primarily a place to pray Jummah for a great majority of the community. It has stepped away from being a spiritual hub and a place for Muslims to congregate and strengthen their ties with each other and with Allah. The lack of family type programs has most particularly been felt, especially at a time when the Muslim identity has come under such attack.


Shahid Razzak

No Statement provided


Shoaib Patail

To serve Allah (SWT) and to our community.

My background and qualification to serve our Masjid.

Alhamdulillah I am sincere, honest, and trustworthy.

Time management and Real Time is very important to me and has of knack of performing different tasks at different time. Needs to prioritize first thing first and manage your scheduling effectively.

To unite our community under one umbrella and to work in unison especially with current situations and difficult time for UMMA.


Tehseen Zafar

I love to work in the house of Allah and like to serve His people. I spent my whole life working in the different Masajid and from last 20 yrs. I am working for this masjid. It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to my heart.
I was the BOD when this new Masjid was opened. I started several new programs to increase the Islamic Knowledge for our community. I arranged the lectures featuring Hasan Radi.  I also started Laylatul Qadr program in Ramadan from which our community is still benefiting a lot. We did health fair in this masjid for Muslims and non-Muslims. I started interfaith dinner, family night, Eid dinner and picnics. All these programs were very successful.
I am very honest, sincere and easy to work with.  I listen to the people and try to solve their problems.  A woman of principal will do what is good for our Masjid and our community.
Alhamdulillah, I have very good organizational skills which allow me to accomplish my goals successfully. My professional or personal life will not conflict my duties as a board member because I can handle different projects at a time. I have done it before and Inshaa Allah I can do it again.
Unfortunately, there is no strong leadership. I see a lack of unity and a lack of Islamic knowledge which is keeping us apart. We have to unite ourselves, build good relations and tolerate each other no matter what  differences we have. We are one Ummah of our Prophet(PBUH) and by following His footsteps we can learn how to unite ourselves to be successful in this world.
Life is very short we have to respect and love each other to achieve our goals in the future. May Allah bless this Masjid, our community and the Muslim ummah at large. Ameen

Tehseen Zafar

Have a nice day and keep on smiling remember it’s a charity


Zia Khawaja

As salaam o Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,
One thing that really motivated me is to see that the election process itself proceed smoothly without any attempts to derail it by outside forces. Alhamdulillah this election process has finally started after 5 years of delay. The inspiration to run this time came from all those young people who were either not allowed to take part in the nomination process or decided to stay away from same old faces. Although, I was asked to run for the Board several times in the past but I always felt that there were more qualified and able people in the running. This is my first time to be part of this board and I am determined to bring change to the culture of nepotism and would attempt to stop the board from becoming an old boys club. So, I pray to Allah SWT to help me to serve the masjid community in this capacity.
Jazak Allah,
Zia Khawaja